Fabulous Fare is a family-owned and operated special order bakery located in Bryan that has been providing wonderful desserts for families throughout the Brazos Valley since 2002. It's honestly a little humbling that so many ask us to help them celebrate life's biggest moments, but we celebrate family every day, working together on birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and christenings...memorable family moments are what we do.

We have had a couple of serious chances to get "out of the house" and into a strip center but chose instead to stay home with our children and remain a home bakery, albeit a little changed now that we have created a large, certified commercial kitchen within our home.

What does this all mean for you? It means that our prices, the lowest in the Brazos Valley, reflect the lower overhead involved in our business, yet you still get the best flavors and artistry available along with our commitment to quality.


Our commitment to quality is a simple one...create the absolute best product available by using quality ingredients, baking fresh and then knock the artistic side out of the park on every cake. Whether it be a 38" tall 3D Homer Simpson in an Astros jersey or a birthday sheet cake, you can be sure that our product will look and taste fabulous. Every time.

This means that all of our cakes are baked fresh and that we never refrigerate or freeze our cakes so that we can take more orders, a very common industry practice. It also means that when we meet at the consultation, you are talking to the person who will be decorating your cake...it will not be delegated to a $7/hr employee. This helps to maintain the quality of our products and helps prevent confusion in understanding an order sheet written by someone other than the decorator.